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Casper Schwarz Architects was founded backin 2006 with one clear thought in mind: an architect should be a team player.As by collaborating, developing, listening, adjusting and improving, we canfind the key to a high-quality design, well thought-over and with a minimum ofconcessions. A design that really works and in which people feel comforted,inspired and energized. We are specialized in office environments in the mostrenewing ways. We create total design concepts that implement human behaviorpatterns within the corporate or brand identity.

If you are looking for a transition in work processes, we are your partner to achieve your milestones. Eversince our founding, Casper Schwarz Architects has evaluated itself to anenthusiastic team of professionals that is communicative, cooperative andconsistent. We create a bond with our clients. We are honest, straightforwardand to the point. We don’t like to walk around issues, we want to solve them.We are open minded and creative at heart. Each project is a next step and not arepetition of the previous. We believe in development, improvement anddeviation from beaten tracks. We aim for unique and profiling designs for eachof our clients separately. With the experience on board of many finalizedprojects, we know about implementing every aspect of a project. We are in favorof collaboration with involved consultants. We know what’s going on, and with acritical mindset we aim for the best result in every direction. In the end, wedon’t care about carpets, light fixtures, curtains nor cable ducts; we careabout people. The meaning of an interior design for the users of it. From the day of moving in until many years later, we want them to feel great about theirworkspace.

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